Blood & Snow

My latest illustration, and an old favorite subject, Joscelin Verreuil from Kushiel’s Dart by Jacqueline Carey. This was supposed to be a sketch, but seven hours later, I finally put the stylus down. I guess it’s a speed paint? Seven hours is pretty quick for me. It’s also one of the more involved backgrounds I’ve done, I’m trying to improve that aspect of my art! Maybe some day I’ll get around to finishing my MFA and I’ll be able to finish my thesis – a graphic novel preview for this amazing book!


William Shakespeare’s The Clone Army Attacketh: an Overly Enthusiastic Review

I picked up William Shakespeare’s the Clone Army Attacketh by Ian Doescher in Barnes and Noble the other day. It was an impulse buy, I was mainly there to escape the ungodly heat of my non-air conditioned apartment. But I peeked inside and saw one of Padme’s soliloquies and was instantly hooked (more on that later).   WHY THE PREQUELS: Now some of you might be asking: There are six of these books, one for each of the original trilogy and prequel movies. So why pick Episode II as a starting point? Well, I have a confession to make. I am an un-cool fangirl. I love the prequels. I grew up with the original trilogy, but it was very much Get the whole scoop…